COVID-19 School Reopening Plan

Seton Catholic’s Reopening Plan 2021-2022

These items are subject to change based on the regulations set by the CDC and DO

January 2022

September 2021

1. Per the NYS Education mandate, all students, faculty, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks while in the building. Masks will be provided to those who do not have them. If someone has a documented medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, exceptions may be made.

2. Temperature checks are not being conducted in school. Families are expected to, and are reminded to take their students’ temperatures daily. Anybody who is experiencing a symptom of Covid- 9 is unable to attend school before receiving a negative PCR test.

3. School employees will self-monitor their health daily and affirm their lack of symptoms through an online questionnaire where the responses are kept confidential. If a symptom is present, employees are also required to receive negative Covid- 19 test results prior to returning to school.

4. Students’ desks are set with a distance of at least three feet between them in classrooms. Faculty and staff maintain six feet of social distancing between themselves and students, as well as between faculty and staff who are not fully vaccinated.

5. Students will resume eating lunch in the cafeteria but will use desks spaced six feet apart instead of the group cafeteria tables. Masks will be removed while students are eating and drinking, but should be worn otherwise. Masks should be worn while in the cafeteria line, and students should be spaced three feet apart from each other while in line.

6. Students who are singing or playing woodwind instruments should maintain a distance of six feet between themselves and other students.

7. Proper hygiene and regular hand washing should be practiced and reinforced throughout the day.

8. The building will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day on a daily basis.

9. The administration and nurse will continue to work closely with the Clinton County Health Department, especially as it applies to contact tracing and quarantine rules. Rules will be adjusted to incorporate any new changes or guidelines implemented as the year progresses.

Seton Catholic’s Reopening Plan 2020-2021

These items are subject to change based on the regulations set by the CDC and DOH

November 1, 2020

John M. Kanoza, Director of Clinton County Health Department, recently released the following to be shared with Clinton County Schools:

Governor Cuomo and New York State have granted authority to Local Health Departments (LHDs) to require that face masks/coverings be worn by staff and students at ALL TIMES in Public and Private Schools in New York State.  Based on this recent update and the fact that face masks/coverings serve to provide effective prevention of Covid-19 spread, School Districts/Schools in Clinton County shall now require that all staff and students wear face masks/coverings at all times when they are in their school.

As a result, masks will be worn whenever more than one person occupies a space – regardless of the distance between individuals. The only time an individual will remove a mask is when they are eating or drinking.

Covid-19 LetterCovid-19 In-Person Decision making flow chart for Student attendanceCovid-19 Symptoms and school return chart

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The Facts

  • First day of school for ALL students is Tuesday, September 8th
  • Seton will be in session, on campus, Monday through Friday, all day for all students
  • Masks are required with exceptions (teachers have final say in their classroom depending on circumstances)
  • Different types of masks are allowed, as long as they are effective and appropriate. At this time, due to current controversy, we do not think gator style masks are appropriate
  • All employees, students, and guests will have a health screening and temperature check prior to entering the building
  • Elementary students are to enter school through the main entrance
  • Middle & high school students will enter school through the lower lobby at the cafeteria
  • If students arrive after the late bell (7:55) then they are to come to the main entrance to check in
  • School visitors are restricted to those required for emergencies and/or school business
  • Small class sizes have been created to ensure safety and wellness for all
  • Classrooms have been measured and all desks are spaced 6 feet apart
  • There will be limited movement in the hallways
  • The space in the cafeteria will be used for gym classes and aftercare
  • Lunches will be served to all students in their classrooms. We will be serving hot lunch and lunch a la carte.
  • Students will still have specials: Art, music, gym, band, chorus, etc.
  • Plans are in place in case we need to switch to remote learning or use a hybrid model
  • Elementary students will still have recess. One class at a time will be allowed on the playground. Our property sits on 20 acres, so all students have plenty of space to spread out for fresh air, as well.
  • Dress code has not changed for K-5. Polo shirts can be any color and K-5 will still be wearing gym clothes to school on gym days.
  • At this time, lockers will not be used by students.
  • Cubbies will not be used for elementary students at this point.

A Message to the Families of Seton Catholic Students

Hello Seton Families,

In an effort to help make exchanging information easier during this difficult time, we have created an email address where you can direct all of your questions regarding the plan that was submitted to the state and the plan for the upcoming school year: 

Our Reopening Committee will take the emails you send in with questions and use them as talking points for Parent Meetings. We have created 3 separate Parent Zoom Meetings! Pick the date and time that works best for you, follow the link, and join our Q&A style meeting to ask any other questions you may have.

Q&A details along with information that comes from the Parent Meetings will be put on our website, as well, following the meetings.

We know this school year is unlike anything any of us have experienced before and we know you have concerns. We understand completely. We hope you can join us for one of these meetings and we hope you email us with any questions you have!


Together, we can keep one another safe.