The Seton Philosophy

To offer an extensive curriculum.
One that will provide a high-quality academic education in a way that meets the diverse needs of our student body.
To provide the opportunity to study the teachings of Jesus.
To participate in liturgy and para-liturgical experiences.
To arrange for extracurricular and social activities.
Enabling students to develop leadership skills.
To foster responsible decision-making.
Individually and within groups, through participation in a variety of experiences

Fulfilling the Catholic Mission

Fulfilling the mission of our patroness, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Seton Catholic fosters responsible decision-making skills within individuals and groups, as students participate in a wide variety of experiences. The school promotes an ongoing commitment to addressing the needs of others in the community and around the world through works of peace and justice. Seton inspires lifelong learning and mastery of communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening to prepare students for higher education and for life.

Seton’s qualified faculty collaborates with families in fostering the growth of the whole person. The school offers a diverse and comprehensive education, which encourages intellectual curiosity. As expressed in the mission statement, Seton Catholic strives to produce a catalyst for change and growth in the Catholic community as well as in society.